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Taking a Snaps!

canon eos 550D, Adidas snickers, brown fedora hat, plain white shirt, liquid leggings

Drama Queen: Party Monster

From Just A Paper

This is one of the best I have seen to reuse old paper. These bags are made from paper strips woven together on the inside and out even the handle. . 
(this is totally green).
The concept and product are made from  Correctional Institution for Women (CIW). 
"Very Creative huh!" 

The best thing about this is that because the bag is made mainly of recycled papers collected. 

Current Obsession: Ring Rings

I Desire!
I've just recently discovered the joy of wearing rings--and the fun of wearing them all together in each hands. It's a bit heavy sometimes but, what the heck. I love 'em all so I'm gonna wear 'em all!
And because I'm just a newbie ring-wearer, here are the first  members of growing ring collection of my own.

Made especially to be worn on your fingers simultaneously, the ring is bold, eye-catching and glamorous. There are many styles of rings available and they are often made from different materials. You can choose rings in white gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, titanium and more. Before you buy a ring, be sure to look around and choose the style you love most...

Fancy flower ring (from ms. Fitrum)
Sterling Silver Ring 

♥ Two Finger Ring is such a Fashion Statement?♥
People have different reactions to the two finger ring. Some people try it on and are unsure about its unique look, while others are immediately captured by its dynamic appearance.There’s no doubt about it, though. When you wear a two finger ring, you’re making a fashion statement. It shows that you are interested in keeping up with trends and that you care about making a splash on the fashion world.

♥Spike Double Finger Connector Ring♥
♥ Vintage CROSS Two Adjustable Finger Double Ring Bronze ♥
♥ Vintage CROSS Two Adjustable Finger Double Ring Silver ♥
Pyramid Two-Finger Stud Ring
Scorpion Two-Finger Ring
Vintage owl ring,double two finger rings
♥ Peacock feathered ring 
Vintage Owl Two-Finger Ring
Vintage Peacock Ring
Vintage Peacock Ring
Vintage Bronze Heart With Wing Ring
Turquoise ring
Turquoise ring
Vintage Silver OWL Finger RING
Snake Ring 

Snake Two-Finger Ring
Though the two finger ring is growing in popularity, it is still in the beginning stages of trend-setting. You might just be the first in your community to bring the trend to life.

Where To Find:
 (Girl Shoppe, Tutuban Mall, Accessorize, Fashion 21, YRYS or Geinievive Guzom, Sterling Silver Shop)