Saturday, July 30, 2011

ADORE ♥ cebu-BOHOL!!

Exhausted but Still Worth it! Fascinated when we had seen the beauty of CEBU--Bohol.
Sandugo Shrine:Something to Skip or Stop to Appreciate More
Bohol Diver’s Club:The resort surrounding is very beautiful and well maintained
Baclayon Church: A Long Walk Away
Magellans Cross...
ButterFly Sunctuary: Beautiful butterflies...
Loboc River Cruise: The Place Where You’d Like to Sleep After a Heavy Lunch
Loboc River a wonderful place to be...
Stop, Open Your Eyes and See the Tarsier
Chocolate Hills:Bohol’s Signature Must See
Larsian sa Fuente in Cebu: Yummy Barbeque's ^_^ yum yum
Man-made Forest:purposely-planted mahogany amazing

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