Saturday, July 30, 2011

ALL The SmaLL Things!!! ^_^

 Things you don't think HE notice... But Actually Do!
  • Your nails. They have to be clean even without nail polish on.
  • Your Accessories. It can be simple bracelet, pretty earings or a necklace that matches.
  • Your Outfit. Simple Sexy or just an ordinary outfit.
  • Your Smile. ....and how often you show it.
  • Your Singing. .... and if you don't mind other people hearing you.
  • Your Laugh. lol :-D
  • Your Text messaging Style. Sending Smileys, and texting 'good morning & Good Night' 'Have you eat ur breakfast/lunch/dinner?' ' where r u? tc.' 'I love you'.
  • Your Self Confidence.
  • Your Supportiveness.
  • How much you complain about your weight. Love your body any weight you are.
  • How much you Listen to him.
  • How picky you are with food.
  • How appreciative you are of little things that he done for you each day.
  • The movies you watch.
  • The music you listen to.
  • Your brain... and whether your conversation are meaningful and interesting.
  • Your heart..... and how much you love your parents, siblings and Him.

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