Monday, August 22, 2011

No Luck For me!

I've been searching for a camera case or camera bag for my DSLR and so far i've had no luck.
 But.....This fab camera bag from Kipling caught my attention!

I can't wait to get my hands on this!
"Andy Torres from collaborated with Kipling and she designed a limited edition camera bag, designed by her own kind of style. The bag is specially made for SLR cameras."
It is very rarely that I see a camera bag that actually is nice, like in fashionable!
I often don't take my camera with me, because the bag is both inconvenient and ugly... 
 I am sure many of you are not quiet happy with the way you have to carry your cameras, like me, this bag is great.
This just leaves me wanting this bag!!! Really Really wanting this bag!

 159.90 Euro 
The good news:
It's limited edition, so not everyone will walk around with the same one.

The bad news:
Is that of course it was sold out long before I even heard of it.
The bag will only be sold online and unfortunately for month of March Only.

And It will only be sold to the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. (The delivery address is only possible in one of these countries) huhu how sad i really really want this..:-( So unfair.... 
This is one of a kind.
I Really Really want this. 
Fingers crossed!
 Or This For Alternative...


  1. these camera bags are really cool! i love the white one

  2. It's the chicest camera bag ever! I really want one in white! xoxoxoo

  3. yeah right! so cool and chicy... i really really want it too ♥.. :-(

  4. hye...i just booked for this camera's the 2nd edition from Stylescrapbbok blogger...but I only managed to have the red ones...but i think that's ok..still cool though..hehe