Thursday, September 1, 2011

S & S

All right Girl`ssssss..must have….Wrap out your Head….
Scarves this BeRrRrreEeeeZZzzing BerRrRryCooooL September!
I do love a head scarf. l absolutely love play with my "head"…
Come-on girls we are Lucky to be Girls for being able to wear whatever we want….. Scarves are a special kind of jewelry, not just a way to stay warmHead Scarves are Chic, easy to wear and also way to spice up a casual look, adds personality, color, and pattern to the most boring of outfits and create a look of vintage glam while protecting all or part of your tresses…
Plus, if you're not loving your neck, they're fabulous camouflage. you must have it!!!!!
Scarves are a flattering addition for all shapes, and sizes and come in countless prints, weaves, and weights, so you're sure to find something you love.
I may not be cool to tie a scarf around but here’s my ways of tying a head scarves…^_^

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