Monday, September 5, 2011

DoUbLe 2!

September 05, 2011
It was a birthday party like I'd always wanted as a kid (ehm.. except for the alcohol)
3 in 1 :-p
Special Spaghetti made by my mom ^_^ 
Fried Chix
Mini Clubhouse 
Mini Clubhouse 
Fruity Choco Crisps
My 22nd Birthday!
Tita Syo, My mom, Tita Fe
Railey Jay (my pamangkin) eating Spag! 
My Boyfriend DHIE & MHIE! 

Well, receiving birthday wishes from all the great people, who are part of making your live happy and meaningful, makes the birthday really special for me.

 Lots of wishes and lots of love that I had received in my birthday, made the beginning of my day just perfect.

Thanks to my Tita Che, my Family: my mom, dad, brothers, and sisters-in-laws, Tita Syo & Tita Fe and to my Boyfriend! 
Thanks Also to aso many of my friends in FB who Wished me well and greeted me on my b-day. Actually, I'm not much into celebrating getting older but i do appreciate the fact that so many of my friends took time to note the fact that I'm officially older. haha 

The End

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