Sunday, November 6, 2011

♥Be Naughty this November!♥


I believe woman wears g-strings or thongs because it makes them feel sexy and attractive. It is one of the sexiest ways to make your panty lines invisible under hipster jeans. G-strings/ thongs give women the ability to make panty lines disappear when they want to wear low-rider fashions.

Personally, I've been wearing a thong since I first discovered them about Two years ago. I loved wearing a thong or it's sister, the G-string, for many reasons. I liked feeling sexy and kind of bad. They didn't take up much room in the dresser drawer. They could fit in your purse without falling out when you were digging for gum or something. You didn't have to worry about panty line issues in knit pants or skirts or anything else. And I just plain liked the fact that I was wearing practically no fabric at all on my nether regions.

However, wearing G-strings all the time can be risky in terms of women’s health!
  •  By wearing g-strings all day long you are more susceptible to developing yeast vaginal infections and vernereal diseases. 
  •  Too much in the use of g-strings can cause irritation on the skin, anal fissures or even hemorrhoids. The strip at the back of the g-string are rubbing against the delicate skin, and too much rubbing damages the skin. 

Try to avoid wearing them on regular-basis. If you do wear them, remember to find the best sizes the fits you, and Use g-strings made from natural fabric e.g. cotton or silk, and use daily sanitary towels and change them regularly if you wear g-strings made from synthetic material.

Be Sexy!
Be Hot!
Be Wild!
Be Bad! 
Be Naughty!

But Still Healthy!


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