Saturday, November 12, 2011

They hug my feet...

Hey, I just wanted to tell u guys I just bought a new slippers..
They hug my feet...
Ayie ♥.♥
We girls here all wear sexy slippers, sandals and heels.
 I have lots of them.
 Gold ones, silver ones, black ones, diamond ones, jeweled ones, etc.
 I have beautiful long toes and my toenails are clipped straight across neatly. 
I have tons of nail polish to paint my toenails with. 
I always have a pedicure before I buy new slippers.
 The sight of wiggling my perfect toes into new slippers drives me crazy. 

I bought a new white platform pair.
 When I wore them, though I was standing on air!. 
Very comfy!
Very Cute! ^_^
Very sexy when wore..
Very Affordable! For only 199Ph 
Yeah it's on sale!
It is a good buy for the money ... ayt! ^_^
Yeah! Watch your step guys! ^_^ 
Happy Feet!  

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