Friday, February 24, 2012

Calaguas Island: The Best Place to be.

A Virgin Beach 
A must-visit destination in the Philippines.
2 hours Boat Ride
As the saying go, nothing worth having comes easy. All that effort to go to the Calaguas is certainly worth it. 
2 hours  into our boat ride From paracale the 'Gold Mine Down' to Calaguas island, we finally got a glimpse of Calaguas’ lengthy shores from a distance.

But I could already see how clear the water was and how smooth the sand on the bottom as our boat struggled to dock in the rough waves near the shoreline.  
I know you can just imagine the long travel hours, but don’t worry you’ll be rewarded once you reach the place.
This beach is covered with some of the whitest, finest sand that you will find anywhere in the world. 

The best part about this beach? its not yet developed! which means no bright lights, no loud music, nothing but pure calmness and relaxation, your like one with nature. But just make sure that whenever you had a chance to visit this place bring with you a tent, cookset, food and drinks, a nice book, and a fully charged ipod and camera, it’s better to stay here overnight.
 turquoise waters 
This has been my best beachineering so far. 
Fine white sand of the beach is truly something behold. The sand is fine and also not hot to the feet despite the heat of summer sun. 
Sand so fine... We Also had Fun Playing With it. 
This trip was different. Unforgetable, Memorable and the Best Getaway for us, as we Celebrate our 3rd anniversary of togetherness.
Thanks to Weekend Getaway GMA news TV for this Free Vacay! ^_^ 

Rolling mountains with virgin forests
Vast landscapes with distant blue sea
 Powdery fine white sand
This is me! ^_^
At last, I fulfilled my long time dream of setting foot on this unspoiled tropical island. As the sun’s rays peeked through the thick gray clouds, Calaguas slowly revealed its charm. Turquoise waters and shimmering grains of powdery white sand broke the spell of the gloomy weather. It was indeed the perfect beach I have always imagined it to be.  
Calaguas is a virgin island that needs preservation. We wouldnt know what will it be for the next five or ten years. I hope tourists, travellers, adventurers, tour organizers and the like would somehow not just enjoy the beauty it can offer but somehow preserve it as well.  
Perfect for Lovers
Perfect for Family's
Perfect for Friends
Perfect to Everyone
Until then Calaguas… 
I hope to see you again someday, unchanged and untouched … 
coz you’re amazing just the way you are. 
nature, adventure, serenity, skies, beautiful,explore, wonderful, unforgetable, memorable, fun, amazing, rolling hills, turquoise waters, waves, cool fine white sand, paradise, best place, relaxing, perfect...without the madedening crowd and hint of civilization all into one: CALAGUAS ISLAND!

  • Vinzons town was first called Tacboan, later renamed Indan. It was changed to Vinzons aftre Wenceslao Q. Vinzons, a former governor of Camarines and guerilla leader executed by the japanese in World War ll. 
  • Vinzons Hall in the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman is named after him.

At this time, there are no commercial establishments in the island, no electricity, no mobile and internet network, so provide tent, foods and drinking water, charge your camera before leaving the mainland.
No Mobile Signals on the island at all.

Some of the activities available:
swimming, snorkeling, trekking, mountain climbing and bird and butterfly watching.

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