Friday, September 2, 2011

Leopard print

Liking the prints....

I was never a huge  fan of leopard prints partly because i felt that it was too wild and mature for my liking. If its not chosen or matched well it can look cheap and trashy. I only used leopard prints on small things like accessories and stuff. But i have been seeing a lot of nicer designed leopard/animal prints lately, the patterns look so much better and stylish than the ones i use to see. It is definitely growing on me.:) I think the material, cutting, design and quality of the clothing that the prints on it make a huge difference too. Now , i got a nice leopard print Stuffs. Oh! Now, I'm A Loco Leopard Print Girl! haha 

Leopard-print Dresses

Fury Black and White Leopard-print Hoodie Dress 

Fury Leopard Print Bag
Leopard print Shoes
Blue And White Leopard-print Scarf
Leopard-print Mushroom cap
Purple Leopard-print Fedora hat

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