Friday, September 2, 2011

No doubts....

Yellow -ish

Head Scarf: Thrifted!
Black Short: Your Rules Your Style "YRYS"
Yellow Halter Top: Thrifted!
Colored Wood Bead Necklaces: DiVi 
Gold Multi Layered Bangle Bracelet: Unknown "IDK: My bf Gave it" :-P
Oversized Eyeglasses: I2I & a Rayban shades 
I found this Yellow Halter Top and a Head Scarf at a thrift store! 
Ive been doing alot of thrifting lately and i have been able to find some pretty amazing things! 
and I'm Lovin' it!  
~Thrifting is NOT a hobby; it IS a lifestyle choice . . .~
No doubts for Being a CHEAP, Sometimes!

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